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Plans are flexible and can be customized
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As low as
16% savings
Hosting list
Basic Resources for starter site
1 Database
3 GB Raid-10 SSD Storage
1 GB Bandwidth*
cPanel Control Panel Access
3 Professional Email Addresses
Free SSL (https)*
Free Domain Registration/Transfer*


As low as
16% savings
Hosting list
Space and flexibility for multiple sites
3 Database
3 GB Raid-10 SSD Storage
3 GB Bandwidth*
cPanel Control Panel Access
5 Professional Email Addresses
Unlimited Subdomains
Free SSL (https)*
Free Domain Registration/Transfer*


As low as
16% savings
Hosting list
More power for complex sites and heavy traffic
5 Database
5 GB Raid-10 SSD Storage
5 GB Bandwidth*
cPanel Control Panel Access
Unlimited Professional Email Addresses
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Add-on Domains
Free SSL (https)*
Free Domain Registration/Transfer*
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All plans included

Inclusion List

Plans are flexible and can be customized.
All development packages are priced on a project-to-project basis.

Flexible, easy-to-use cPanel which allows for
1-click install of 125+ free applications. (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)

CloudFlare Free CDN (Avg. 200% Faster Page Load)

Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt)
SSL certificate insurance offered by DigiCert costs and requires yearly renewals

Automatic daily backups; Back up a file, folder or an entire database 

User-friendly portal to allow clients to view invoices, manage services, submit support tickets, and more. Powered by WHMCS the leading web hosting management and billing software.

What’s Included in Packages

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Development Packages

Comparison Content

Your website is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan. It’s the central hub for your messaging and content marketing efforts.

Social media, blogs and mobile allow businesses and nonprofits to easily target and convert users by driving them to a well-designed website with a positive user experience.

A variety of affordable packages to suit your design and development needs. Websites can built with a content management systems that allows robust 

Development Process

  • Analyze system requirements
    • Confirm scope and process along with user stories 
    • Expectations of the system in terms of mission objectives, constraints, and measures of effectiveness and suitability.
    • Structural / Behavioral / Functional requirements
  • Design & Concept
    • Building the architecture of the system Adobe XD and Adobe Connect
  • Development & Implementation
    • Developing the system 
    • 100% Transparency and Honesty: The client will be entitled to monthly progress reports (determined on a project basis) that will outline the status of the project.  (what’s completed / blocked / todo and hours / weeks worked on tasks.)
  • Documentation & Testing
    • Create resource documents for clients 
    • Resource documents are accumulated by client’s needs
  • Launch/Release & Maintenance
    • Full launch and hand over of the system.
    • Final Approval and Handoff There will be three approval process during the life of the Development Project Plans  to reduce rework, which is be billable to the client.
      • The Design & Concept phase will NOT begin until the client gives a full account and sign-off of all requirements they expect from the application.
      • The Development & Implementation phase will NOT begin until client gives full account and  sign-off of designs and concepts.
      • At the end of the development process the client will be able to give the final sign-off before final payment becomes due. 
    • Clients are liable for billable rework.
    • *Billable Rework is any modifications or enhancements that the client ask for that wasn’t in the approved requirements and designs. 

All code, databases, designs and assets used for the site is 100% owned by the client and will be accessible for export for the customer to modify or enhance.

Comparison List
Basic Landing Page
e-Commerce Solutions
User management and Social Networking Platform
Mobile Development
Responsive designs
Third-Party seamless integrations
(PayPal, Spotify, etc)
Bootstrap, ReactJS, jQuery

Maintenance Packages

Comparison Content

Do you know how to update plugins and software so everything runs smoothly?

Only looking for someone to maintain and perform small updates to your existing small website I can help! Someone else created your website? No problem! I offer a variety of maintenance packages.

Content Management Systems allow you to make content updates, keeping your site fresh, up-to-date and competitive. Although a CMS offers you a great deal of freedom, you might still need some help from time to time with backups, updates and security issues.

Maintenance process

Developer will be accessible by email and for requests and should take average 5 business day turnaround time of first response. ++exact turnaround time is determined by each task and lift++ 

  • Maintenance or Enhancements request that would exceed plan hours would have to go through the Development and Approval Process and not covered under the Maintenance Plans.
  • Maintenance & Support work will not exceed over 2hrs on any given request. So if a fix will take over 6hrs to complete, than the additional 4hrs is billable to the client.++
  • Minor enhancements work will not exceed more that 4hrs for any given request.
  • Major enhancements work will not exceed more that 8hrs for any given request.
  • Pay-As-You-Go and additional maintenance hours or enhancement work NOT covered in the Plan are billed at rates starting at $20/hr++
  • No After hours work!!

Free Major Enhancements, modifications or redesigns are not covered under Maintenance Plan hours.
Each fix & update or support is treated as a separate task or ticket. 

*Not liable for any outside enhancements done while inside or outside Maintenance Plans.
*Upgrades that are needed to keep the site functional are covered at no additional cost under the Maintenance Plans.
*Managed Drupal / WordPress means that we handle basic hosting administrative tasks, such as installing WordPress, security, speed, WordPress updates, website uptime, and scalability. 
Comparison List
Monthly Analytics Reports
Content updates
SEO Maintenance
CMS Core/Framework updates
Module, plugin and theme extension upgrades
Bug Fixing
CMS Backup
Support Tickets

Hosting Services

Sub Title
Several add on services are available at time of purchase and in the Client Portal.
Image and Content

Protect your site with SSL

Add SSL to your web hosting to give visitors confidence that your website is safe and secure and help build trust.

Site Lock

SiteLock Website Security

FREE! SiteLock provides a range of features designed to protect both your website and your business’ reputation.

Code Guard

CodeGuard Website Backup

Protect your website against data loss and attacks with daily automated backups and one-click automatic restore.


Powerful Website Builder

Add Weebly's drag and drop website builder to your hosting to allow you to create an awesome looking website, store or blog

Find Your Domain

Get a jump start on development or maintenance by registering your domain with me today.